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How To Promote Healthy Indoor Air

You can never stress the importance of promoting healthy indoor air. This is something that most people don’t even think about unless they are either told about it of have read about it somewhere. It takes a certain commitment to decide to keep your indoor air conditioned and clean. If that’s the lifestyle you want for your family and loved ones, you should take action right away.

It is really not that difficult to ensure that you are breathing healthy air inside the house, and there are basic steps you can take right away. Here are some things you can do to keep your living space pollutant free.

– Dusting off and cleaning. It is recommended once a week.

– Program your HVAC thermostat to run as efficiently possible

– Be prompt in replacing your furnace’s filter as recommended by the manufacturer

– Manage pet dander

– Avoid indoor smoke

– If you cook, run the range hood if you have one

– After showering, run the bathroom fan until moisture condensation is not visible on the walls and mirrors

– After showering, leave an opening on the shower curtains or the shower door so air can circulate all day.

– Upon detecting any mold, call a professional to assess and inspect your home’s mold problem.

There are a few good companies that can help you with mold inspection, removal and remediation. You just need to check reviews to make sure they provide good customer service.

Have a healthy air day.

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